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A group for help with all ur hardware problems

Group Founder: pranavda
Description: A group aimed at solutions to hardware related problems,upgrades etc,hardware and software are related so help with software can also be included
Group Type: Public join
Members: 42
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > PC Hardware

Topics (5)

go 6230i music playa (2) nafnaf
Hey guyz!my 6230i music playa has a major problem.afta loading new music da m.playa strtd gng crazy.every tym i try 2 switch it on my fone freezes,da only way dan 2 revive it is 2 pul out da batery.if...

go Prob wit pc screen (0) saguyg
Hey yall,im havin strange prob wit my screen.its worked fine b4.but now,during bootup my scrn is black,it only shows xp logo wit da loading thing,after dat blk again,frm welcome scrn on its fine.i can...

go Plz help me (0) ishu_dip
I want to buy new computer(assembled) plz tell me the necessary attachments

go How to open a laptop (0) mpya
I got all the screws undone.But there is still a connection inside i don know if iTs a screw. But i cant completelY OPEN MY LAPTOP SO THAT I CAN GET INTO THE PARTS INSIDE. Plse help Inbox me pls.

go RAM (1) pimpzn
Where can i get atleast 128mb SDRAM 4rm?